P. Ramlee the Musical

The musical was about his life, fortune, hurdles and women. An actor, singer, songwriter, musician, screenwriter, film director and all-round Malay film icon P. Ramlee is known throughout Malaysia and Singapore for having made music and movies in the 50s and 60s that people could relate to.
The executive director of award winning musical – Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical returned to the Esplanade with a grander masterpiece. Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina did not join the cast this time compared to her earlier work.

P. Ramlee the Musical
That’s the executive director, Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina in red jacket.

Musly Ramlee was worth mentioning. I thought he was a great actor to play the Seniman Agong P. Ramlee. Although I thought he sounded nasally at times but the rest and his acting is noteworthy.

P. Ramlee the Musical

Liza Hanim was stupendous. I love how she portrayed the role of Saloma so beautifully and managed to sing so heavenly. Her voice was melodious and stunning. I have to admit, I have never seen her earlier acting in films but this could just make me her fan.

Norizan was played by Melissa Saila. Oh, how I love her acting. When P. Ramlee returned home to confront her about some rumours that have been spreading around, she came home tipsy and bragged her anger and deep feelings about their relationship. No surprise she won a Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the Boh Cameronian Art Awards 2007.

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza played Azizah in the first season of P. Ramlee the Musical in Malaysia. This second season version is slightly difference in cast and storyline. Emelda, who played Manja on TV’s Manjalara, replaced Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. She even sang Siti’s Mulanya Cinta. That girl could sing.

P. Ramlee the Musical

That’s Atilia. She played P. Ramlee’s first wife, Junaidah. Atilia is a recording artiste but although her name isn’t that recognized here in Singapore, she got a role good enough to leave a mark. (This picture is going to be my iPod Touch wallpaper for a moment.)

Amoung the supporting actors, I like Chedd’s character. He played P. Ramlee’s good hearted, stick-to-friend-no-matter-what-happen and happy-go-lucky good friend Sukardi who followed him from Penang to Singapore. But Sukardi returned to his hometown and his character ended there.

Comparing PRtM and PGLtM, in my honest opinion, I favour PGLtM. My reason being that the costumes are more extravagant and colourful. But don’t take my words for it. The musical will end its run on Monday. If you have not bought any ticket, why not go get if there is any.

P. Ramlee the MusicalP. Ramlee the Musical

We met with Abang Man and his wife before the show and after that, Mum took a picture with local celebrities Mastura Ahamad and Onitta Effendi.


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5 responses to “P. Ramlee the Musical

  1. thank you! i have a great time in singapore and the crowd here’s the best!

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  3. lawa seh liza hanim
    pelakon2 lain pun hebat hebat belaka.

  4. cepot

    i minat kak masturah n kak oniatta….
    they r superb u know

  5. cepot

    buat lagilah teater muzikal p.ramlee musim baru…
    kat teater…
    amacam untuk tahun 2010 insyallah…
    saya suka tonton cerita p.ramlee dan saloma
    syiok habislah

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